Top 10 Alternatives to Wikipedia

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Touting itself as “the free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit”, it’s no wonder that Wikipedia has garnered so much bad press lately. After all, it is hard to imagine that millions of anonymous users could accurately maintain a factual and unbiased living encyclopedia. Wikipedia is a non-profit site that is policed by hundreds of volunteers, yet very few of these volunteers have the experience and knowledge of a professional writer/editor. A cultural bias has seemed to have washed over many entries on the site, as general consensus replaces cold, hard facts. There is also a matter of vandalism, which the site is susceptible to. These problems, coupled with the almost obsessive behavior of many of the volunteers (try placing an external link on the site without having it removed), have led people to other sources for information. If you are looking for a different kind of online encyclopedia, try the ten alternatives to Wikipedia listed below.

1) Scholarpedia

2) Citizendium

3) Encyclopedia Britannica Online

4) MSN Encarta

5) Infoplease

6) Conservapedia

7) Uncyclopedia

8) MediaWiki

9) The American Presidency Project

10) Wolfram Library Archive